Elias Mercantile is an offering of special pieces to elevate the everyday, thoughtfully curated by Anastasia Elias
based on the south coast of Australia. Born from a new chapter of a slower, considered approach to the everyday
and our impact upon our precious earth; one in which we allow ourselves to forge a deeper respect for and
grounding connection to the poetry of life itself.

The collection is a culmination of Anastasia’s passion for craft and the handmade inspired by our natural environment 
in the home and on this earth. It is a dream come true to be able to work with specialty craftspeople from
across the world to share their inimitable talents, connecting their skills and livelihoods with you.

Elias Mercantile brings together a passion for the unique, for enriching experiences, for global interconnectedness, 
for the abundance that this earth provides us and ultimately for the maker.


"Elias Mercantile is a celebration of the poetry in the everyday..."

– Anastasia Elias