Elias Mercantile is an offering of pieces that transcend time... old and new.

We place an emphasis on craftsmanship & unique design for seekers of the poetry in the everyday.
Our collection are pieces to treasure, they tell a story.

Thoughtfully curated by Anastasia Elias based on the south coast of Australia,
our collection comes from a chapter of a slower, considered approach to the every day,
inspired by our natural environment in the home and our impact upon this precious earth.

With a background in design and fine art acquisition, Anastasia has refined a unique eye for sourcing
pieces that come together to form intricate tapestry, layering the space in which they find a home.

The intersection between old and new inspires a to forge a deeper connection
to our past, find grounding in the present and respect for the future. 
To pass these pieces onto their new custodians in this life, we seek to renew
a love for what exists, gentler on our planet, reframing the old as new once more.

Elias Mercantile brings together a passion for the unique, for enriching experiences, 
for global interconnectedness, for the abundance that this earth provides us and
ultimately for the maker, past and present.


"Elias Mercantile is a celebration of the poetry in the everyday..."

– Anastasia Elias