Atelier Saint André Perrin


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Sylvie Saint Andre Perrin, a ceramicist based in Paris, achieves her signature marble effect of her beautiful handmade ceramics using a fascinating and unique process called stamping.

The clay is first prepared by mixing various colour oxides that are swirled together during the kneading phase and then rolled out to a sheet to reveal the marbled pattern. The clay is then stamped, a slow process where the clay is shaped into a pre-made plaster cast. Once the mould has hardened the clay is scraped to thin, sanded with iron wool and put into the kiln, removed, enamelled and fired for a second time.

Her pieces are artworks unto themselves, each telling a story of the process of its evolution, of Sylvie's practice, of movement, of a moment in time. 


Hand made in France. 

Each piece is unique.


Hand wash only.
Not dishwasher, oven or microwave safe. 


Dimensions: 22.5cm (diameter) x 2.5cm (high)

Other Details
Width: 22.00 (cm)
Height 2.50 (cm)
Depth 22.00 (cm)
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