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A pair of framed 19th c. bisque plaques "summer and autumn" by Bing & Grondahl after Eneret Thorvaldsen. Beautifully presented in walnut frames in a Georgian style. 


CERES (Summer), Earth Mother, Agriculture.

Ceres was worshipped by Antient Romans as the Earth Mother, the goddess of corn and harvest to whom wheat was sacred. She was celebrated each year in the Cerealia when foxes with burning sticks tied to their tails were set loose in the Roman Circus to dash desperately about while the public cheered them on. The ritual was to protect the growing crops from disease and to assure bountiful harvest by increasing sunshine.


POMONA (Autumn), Orchards and Gardens

Autumn was the season of fruit when the Antient Romans honoured Pomona, the goddess of fruit trees. Pomona was courted by several of the male fertility Gods, but she was won when Vertumnus came courting, disguised as an old woman, with whom Pomona fell in love. The union of Vertumnus and Pomona seemed to be an ideal one, since it embodied the cycle of the seasons and the fruition of trees and crops.



Condition: in good original condition showing signs of wear in keeping with age.

Dimensions: 52cm H x 50cm W each

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Width: 60.00 (cm)
Height 20.00 (cm)
Depth 60.00 (cm)
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